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Hobbies and leisure activities play an important role in our lives and all age people can get benefits from these recreational activities. Our children are usually busy with watching TV, playing video games, or online social networking sites, but if you check their daily routines they don't have time for hobbies which can stimulate their mind and body in healthy way. Watching TV, playing video games or internet can be good past times but these activities are not a good alternative to that of "Hobbies".

At Rynfield Primary School we offer many extra mural activities and encourage all our pupils to join in on the fun.


Singing and music, in general, is an exceptional positive activity that has been significantly proven to lift the spirit and promote a sense of well-being. There can be no greater gift to mankind than exquisite music.


Chess is a mind-growing experience where forward planning and the development of strategies take place. There has been much new interest and growth in chess. We are proud of their achievements and good sportsmanship shown at the various tournaments.


Pupils are encourage to show off their talents in the annual Eisteddfod. Through the dedicated coaching of the drama teachers, Rynfield's pupils are amongst the top achievers at this event.


Our core drama group has proven to be hardworking and very enthusiastic. They echo the feelings of Oscar Wilde who said: "I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another; the sense of what it is to be a human being."


Rynfield Primary is incredibly proud of our very own Marimba Academy. The many hours spent practicing and dedication shown by the pupils, is reflected in the outstanding results achieved.

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Sports Philosophy

To utilize sports, physical education and activities as a means to promote the social, mental and physical well being of our pupils.

To encourage pupils at all levels to participate in sporting activities with the intention of developing our pupils holistically.

To develop basic sporting skills, knowledge and sportsmanship in the Foundation Phase moving towards enhancing skills and ability in later grades.

Applying the 'FUN' principle: F{Fun} U{Understanding} N{Nurturing}.
Engagement and learning come from and enjoyable, worthwhile experience.
To keep our pupils involved by having 'fun' as well as developing technique, potential and talent.

To use sport as a 'tool' in the development of pupils' teamwork, team morale, discipline, perseverance, character and leadership skills.

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Our Sports


Athletics combines, Sprints, Middle Distance, High Jump, Long Jump, Shot-put and relay. We have always been and will always remain one of the top athletic schools in Benoni. Year after year we have had over 20 children making the Benoni team and 15 making the D17 team. In 2014 we had 7 athletes go through to Gauteng trials and one of our athletes even became a South African Champion.
Term: 1 + 4


Our RPS swimming team is an extremely strong one. We compete in the Eastern Gauteng 'A' league and are 1 of 2 public schools swimming in a private schools league. Our team has consistently finished 2nd place in both the league and relay galas, giving us a ranking of 2 out of 21 schools in Eastern Gauteng.
Term: 1 + 4


We have been playing rugby now for 8 years and we really have come a long way. Our school started off in the E2 league. We where 1 of 99 schools in the Ekurhuleni rugby league and only 1 of 2 English schools competing. We are ranked in the top 15 having been promoted 7 times in 8 years. We are currently playing in the A2 league.
Term: 2


We are currently competing in the very competitive Ekurhuleni D6 'A' league. We consistently have girls making the Ekurhuleni team and in the past 3 years have had a least one girl in the Gauteng Netball team. All this is due to our great coaching and dedication from our teaching staff.
Term: 2


Soccer is alive and well at RPS. We are the only school in the Ekurhuleni area to offer both rugby and soccer, a massive achievement by itself. We are currently competing in the Benoni 'A'. Every year we have at least 3 boys making the U13 Eastern Gauteng area soccer team and in 2013 had our very own South African player.
Term: 2


RPS has been playing completive hockey now for 5 years and have improved considerably. Our teams consistently finish in the top 2 in the league (out of 8) and have had 3 teams compete in the finals at the Eastern Gauteng hockey tournament. We currently only offer hockey to girls but boys hockey will be starting in 2014.
Term: 3


We started softball in 2007 and we have quickly established ourselves as on of the powerhouses in the sport. We have never had a year where one of our 5 teams has not won the league. This is evident at the Eastern Gauteng Softball trials where we, year after year, have at least 5 players making the team. We over the sport for boys and girls from grade 4-7.
Term: 3

Cross Country

RPS cross country is up there as one of our schools strongest sports that our school has to offer. We have won the Benoni 'A' league for 4 years in a row now, an awesome achievement considering there are over 25 schools competing. We always have at least 40 athletes making the Benoni team and a further 5 making the Gauteng district team (D17). Cross country is not just a competitive sport, we do consider it a mass participation sport and encourage everyone to come run and keep fit and healthy.
Term: 3


Cricket is an extremely strong sport at our school. We compete in the Benoni 'A' league and in 2013 where the only school to have all our team make the semi-finals. Our cricket boys consistently get at least 3 boys in the Eastern Gauteng Cricket team each year. Cricket is offered from U10-U13.
Term: 3


Our tennis teams are amongst the best in the Benoni 'A' league. Every year we enter teams into the A, B and beginners league giving everyone the opportunity to play at the level that they feel comfortable with. We have consecutively won the A league now for 4 years in a row.
Term: 3

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Our Mini Sports

Mini sport are offered to our grade 1, 2 and 3 pupils.
It is the developmental stage in a child’s school sporting career.
We work with a mass participation concept, giving all pupils the opportunity to learn the rules of the sport in a pressure free, fun and exciting environment.

We offer the following mini sports at RPS:

Term 2 : Soccer; Valkie Rugby; Netball

Term 3 : Tennis; Hockey; T-Ball; Cricket

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Supporter's Club

To all our RPS Parents, Friends and Community, we warmly invite you to be part of our Rynfield Supporter Club (RSC).

Supporter's Club

The intention is to involve our parents at all levels to support their children's academic, cultural and sporting activities. We encourage all parents to participate in a manner that assists our children to reach their full potential no matter the activity they choose on their journey of development.

How can I be a RPS Supporter?

Join the 'Rynfield Supporter's Club' – come into the school office to sign up NOW!
Attend and support practices, matches, performances and games, whenever possible.
All information on all school activities is in the weekly school newsletter.
Wear our RPS supporter gear or school colours at events.
Encourage our school's value system, the T-Plan.
Embrace our RSC code of conduct and be an example of which your child will be proud.

As a Rynfield Supporter I will:


Supporters Gear:

Various items of Supporters' Gear clothing is available.

Please contact the School Office if you are interested.